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    • Common ways to prevent the failure of the cone crusher

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      Cone crusher has features of high capacity , fine product granularity,good grain shape,so it was widely favored by users.But in practical application, due to the influence of the harsh production conditions, materials, processes, components aging and artificial factors, cone crusher will inevitably appear different kinds of faults.Now the experts from Zhengzhou Great Wall Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd will tell you the cone crusher common fault and the corresponding prevention methods.

      1. Control the influence of the temperature

      At work, the cone crusher parts has its own normal temperature range.Beyond this range, the parts will be damaged. Therefore,Crusher must prevent overload operation under the condition of low temperature in the using process; Second, we also must prevent operating at high temperatures, and wo should check all kinds of thermometer,once found the problem to stop the machine immediately .

      2. Reduce the influence of impurities
      Cone crusher in use process will be affected by metal material produced by machinery itself wear and non-metallic impurities such as dust .dirt,etc , which will influence the material movement, damage the lubricating grease, accelerate spare parts wear speed.For this circumstance ,you should do the mechanical protection work well, to prevent various impurities from entering the machine internal;Second, we should use high quality spare parts and lubricating oil, grease,to block the source of harmful impurities.
       3. Inhibit the function of various corrosion
      In the using process, if the material pH or humidity is too large, it is easy to make the cone crusher metal surface damaged by chemical or electrochemical reaction .so we should pay attention to the function of the various corrosion.

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