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    • The development goals of crusher equipment in the future

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      With the increase of market demand, crusher market is growing, the cone crusher manufacturers in China is also growing.Types of crusher also with the increase of market demand continue to increase, on the market at present the main types are: hydraulic cone crusher, high-efficient cone crusher, spring cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and many other types.To meet the needs of users and the demand of the market, crusher also need to development towards informationization and environmental protection .

      Cone crusher as the representative of crusher series, its product series is complete, crushing technology becomes more advanced, however, with respect to international crusher industry, China's crushing machine industry started relatively late,development is rapid, but it also can not compare with international crusher industry.Although today,our country have a lot crusher manufacturers , the competition is fierce, but a lot of manufacturer's ability is limited, to stay in imitation stage, which not only is not conducive to the development of domestic crusher industry, but also disturbs the crusher market.If domestic crusher manufacturer wants long-term development,it must continue to innovate towards the direction of informationization, environmental protection, etc.

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