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    • Spring cone crusher is used to deal with construction waste

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      Every year there are a lot of construction waste to deal with in our country, especially in recent years the urbanization process is accelerated, the estate industry to heat up,the renovation of old city , a series of measures that led to a sharp increase in construction waste,seriously affecting the urban environment.Consequently, the problem of processing construction waste need to be solved immediately, and the best way to solve the construction waste is using the construction waste crusher for recycling after its effective broken.

      For construction waste crushing requirements,the crusher equipment itself should have the performance of environmental protection and energy saving;On the other hand also considering the construction waste crushing capacity, therefore, construction waste crusher should has big production capacity.Spring cone crusher is a kind of advanced cone crusher with high power, big crushing ratio, and high productivity.This crusher is the most suitable for construction waste crushing.
      Spring cone crusher has the advantages of high production capacity,energy conservation, environmental protection and low noise,so it is the ideal construction waste processing equipment, to promote the construction waste recycling, it not only has good recycling effect in dealing with construction waste, tailing, gangue, slag, etc;also has incomparable advantages in rock crushing with high hardness,such as granite, basalt ,etc.

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