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      With the rapid development of China's economic construction, the demand of mineral resources is more and more big,but it is limited by the amount of reserves.As a professional crusher manufacturer, Great Wall Heavy Industry found bauxite is currently one of high demand,while fewer reserve resources.


      Application field of bauxite has two aspects of metal and nonmetal,bauxite is the best raw materials for the production of aluminum.its consumption accounts for more than 90% of total world bauxite production.In the aspects of non-metallic application,  bauxite as raw material of refractory materials, grinding materials, chemical products and high alumina cement.The amount of bauxite in terms of the proportion of non-metal is small, but the use is very extensive.
      We know that one of the most key link in the mining is crushing, and the crushing effect directly determines the utilization of the mineral, but some unreasonable exploitation and the poor production methods will further lead to the waste of bauxite resources.Under the call of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, selecting a high efficiency and energy saving bauxite crusher in aluminum industry is a magic weapon to win.
      Great Wall Heavy Industry as a professional crusher manufacturer,for the specific material of bauxite in crushing production line adopts jaw crusher and cone crusher,greatly improving the crushing degree of ore.And the equipment with convenient maintenance, high efficiency,and low energy consumption,thus fundamentally reduce the mining cost of the ore.

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